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Rockville Hills Regional Park & Open Space Management

Leave Only Footprints...


City of Fairfield manages Rockville Hills Regional Park and three publicly accessible open space properties.

Rangeland Management & Grazing

The City actively manages all of the open space properties. Grasslands are grazed to keep down vegetation which helps to reduce the chances of wildland fires.

Red Flag Closures 

Rockville Hills Park will be closed during severe weather conditions to help reduce both the risk of wildfire during fire season and damage to trails from rain during winter and spring months. To check for current Red Flag closure information, visit the Fairfield Fire Department's webpage - Red Flag Closures.  Any person in the park during Red Flag Closures will be cited by the Park Rangers.  

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations are clearly posted at each site.  Be courteous to other visitors and nearby residents and obey all rules. Park Rangers have the authority to cite visitors who do not comply. Chapter 12B of the Fairfield Municipal Code governs Rockville Hills Regional Park and all publicly accessible open space properties.  

Further Information

For information on Rockville Hills Regional Park, contact the park rangers at 707.428.7614.

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