Behind-the-scenes of a dispatchers vital role

When an emergency happens in Fairfield and first responders are called, police officers and firefighters seemingly arrive, spring into action, and make Fairfield safe again. What people see in person during an emergency response can be impressive, but a lot of other work is going on behind the scenes.

First responders could not do their jobs effectively without professional dispatchers backing them up. Dispatchers do that by providing vital information on which first responders base important decisions, coordinating with other City Departments and allied police and fire agencies, including countless other duties.

The next Fairfield Police Community Education Forum will be on Wednesday, March 1, at 6:30 p.m. in the Fairfield City Council Chamber at 1000 Webster Street. The topic will be: “Behind the Scenes/Working with Dispatch!” At this forum, one of the Fairfield Police Department’s premiere dispatchers, Brittany Phillips, will provide an insider look at the complicated and stressful job of dispatching.

Forum attendees will be treated to an overview of dispatching, including what to expect when someone calls Dispatch in both emergency and non-emergency situations, how to be a good witness, and why dispatchers handle things the way they do. We’ll showcase some of the interesting and exciting audio from 911 calls our dispatchers receive, as well as radio traffic from officers handling some of those chaotic calls.

Finally, anyone interested in seeking a career in dispatching will have an opportunity to speak with a Police Department recruiter to learn what steps they must take to apply to work for the Fairfield Police Department.

For additional information, please contact Fairfield Police Department Crime Prevention Specialist Jeremy Profitt or call 707.428.7789.

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