Hello. My name is...

David Doyle.

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I grew up in the Chicago area. That’s where I started my education in structural engineering; I came out to the Bay Area in the 80s to continue my education and I’ve been here ever since. I’m in the second half of a 30-year career; the first 15 years I was in the private sector focusing on projects ranging from large power plant structures down to smaller residential upgrades.  I transitioned into the public sector 15 years ago when I became a plan check engineer, and subsequently building official, and I’ve never looked back. 

Serving you in Fairfield, I am still exposed to a very diverse scope of projects given our extensive mix of commercial, industrial, and residential development - both existing and new.  My primary goal is to ensure that structures built here provide a safe and healthy environment. I strive to work with the public as I would with private clients; to make interacting with the Building Division a positive experience.